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Digitalisation strategy in a BtoB environment

MUZ has supported a number of BtoC brands in the digitalisation of their eco-system and this was the mission which the NTN-SNR Group, a European leading player in bearings, brought to the agency.

In parallel with supporting their brand strategy, the objective of the company’s marketing and communication team was to transit towards the company’s digitalisation. The beginning of the work consisted in taking a photo of NTN-SNR Europe’s current digital presence and then to make a coherent recommendation on each of the touchpoints in relation to the company’s objectives. Part of the strategy was translated operationally on social networks (editorial line, messages per channel, content classification, design intention etc.). Daily community management was carried out to lead and respond to community questions, with sector and e-reputation monitoring in order to keep an eye on what is happening in the market in the widest sense and, very closely, on what is said about the company.

This was carried out over five social networks: LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube, for around a dozen countries. Instagram: 22.5% subscriber increase for the first two months. LinkedIn: + 13.4% impressions in two months.

A project to boost the profile of the industry, its three activity sectors (industry, automotive and aeronautics), its innovative strength and also highlight the people making up the company and leading its progress.

The digital world is therefore also a powerful lever for BtoB, whether owned or paid, particularly thanks to sponsorship campaigns targeted according to sector, geography and network.




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