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Supporting passionate bikers day-by-day

Honda Moto CH consulted MUZ for daily work: community management. Between editorial planning, the conceptualisation and production of content and translation into 3 languages, the creation of content and community management, the brand handed over the keys to its social networks to the agency’s CM teams.

Step 1: knowledge of the world
Social media needs to be particularly reactive: in order to respond to community questions, you firstly need thorough knowledge of the brand and its world. Who is Honda Moto in Switzerland? How does it express itself? And if motorbikes are part of the DNA of some MUZ team members, this was not (yet) the case for our CM teams. These therefore immersed themselves in the world of bikes via Google and by visiting events in order to find out everything they could about the references and in order to be correct in their communication with those passionate about biking.

Step 2: being operationally hands-on
Then came the heart of the project: the implementation of the editorial schedule in 3 languages between the high and low seasons, the launch and special operations, events etc., as well as the community management, responding to subscribers and also offering them differentiating content such as a Spotify playlist according to their taste, colouring for children and quizzes about bikes for the older ones.

Step 3: test and learn
Last but not least, in parallel with this daily work, come the analytical building blocks. MUZ unravels each metric and scrutinises posts which have obtained the lowest performances in order to reorient strategy and optimise effort.

To sum up, community management is the result of long work involving reflection, adaptation and constant monitoring on networks and even the brand page. Subscribers’ time is precious and the brand must respond immediately, both with information or with interesting content. The knowledge of their world, original content, reactivity and correct metrical analysis add up to give good results: a growth of more than 4,000 followers on the networks in 2 years, the impressions on Instagram increased by 12 million and on Facebook they increased by 18 million, all while maintaining an average engagement rate of 6% on these 2 networks.

In response to this growing passionate community, a Facebook group was created following the release of the new Honda Touring model. The goal? To unite this community around a common passion and encourage them to share and exchange.


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Content creation and community management
Marketing Manager | HONDA MOTO SUISSE
What are the challenges and specificities of community management for Honda Moto Suisse?

We are lucky in having a community of passionate people at Honda Moto, so it is rather easy to make them react. However, we have to face several special characteristics linked to the linguistic and cultural diversity of our country, such as publications in several languages, regional targeting according to subjects and, even more, the seasonal aspect of motorbiking. The challenge is to keep the community active the whole year.

How is MUZ supporting you in responding to these objectives?

Following a short acclimatisation period in order to learn “biker-speak”, MUZ has shown a great deal of inspiration to be able to reach, amuse and make our community interact, using a range of technical possibilities which the various platforms offer. Using a thoughtful monthly strategy and publication schedule, the diversity of the posts has contributed to increasing our commitment rate.

What are the results for the brand?

MUZ is a real retention tool and contributes to our brand image, which wants to be close to its fans, mixing the technical side and racing with conviviality and getting-away-from-it-all. It also allows us to reach a wider public, who could be tempted to join this community by purchasing a Honda rather than a model by another brand.