Time has come for Maurice Lacroix to launch the new version of its iconic AIKON watch, the brightest, funkiest and eco-designed range of watches, destined to a Gen Z target. Wishing to bring its own contribution, Maurice Lacroix worked on this project with #TIDE, an association that collects and upcycles plastic from the oceans. The watchmaker then used this composite in their watches’ case and strap. MUZES’ mission, in collaboration with Maurice Lacroix team : prepare the launch of this sustainable product while addressing Gen Z, with a double stake: understand the complexity of the target while combining luxury and sustainability.

The first step was to establish a strategic planning to study and understand the Gen Z, but also understand how luxury brands and their customers, communicate and answer to sustainability matters. Then we had to find THE Big Idea. Starting from the drop idea discussed with Maurice Lacroix team, which highlights the watch’s composite origin: the ocean. A red thread concept was developed with one key message: each action, each person has the power to make things change and make their own contribution The whole thing was based on a line: “That’s what a drop makes”, and on a colorful artistic direction inspired from the watches’ color palette. The goal was to address this new generation with humility, that’s why the Friends of the Brand, Lacroix’s ambassadors, were placed at the heart of the launch to share this message. Once the benchmark, customer study, big idea and storytelling was made, we replicated it all in a launch movie.

We imagined a video from scratch, embracing the drop concept with one key message: go from the ocean to the city, which is the core DNA of the luxury watch brand. Putting forward Lacroix’s sustainable approach, this idea highlights the watch’s composite, from its origin to its final form and new life. Finally, Friends of the Brand were obviously at the heart of this movie. And action! The final video gathers 4 Friends of the Brand, showing their own talent (dance, free running, longboard dancing and DJing) and all wearing the watch on the streets and roofs of Marseille and Aix-en-Provence, in order to promote the new watches range AIKON #TIDE.  Besides, the drop concept and the DA were fully transposed on the brand’s social networks with the Friends of the Brand taking the floor to share their own drop. The whole thing was revealed and presented at the launch which took place in Miami.


Maurice Lacroix


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