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Brand expression and omnichannel activation

The brand is going to celebrate its 50th birthday and in the clients’ eyes, the brand is at its golden age. In 2020, the brand of the Beaumanoir group seeked to reinforce its proximity with its clients, especially after the difficult Covid times. The goal here was to find a unique positioning in the overly competitive and challenged market of the textile industry. To do so, a more moderne creative expression based on a targeted strategic plan was needed.

The goal was to highlight the pillars of a beautiful 50 year old story (the pants, the personalised relationships with clients, and the team) while emphasising on Breal’s current and future engagements. Based on the brand’s platform, The MUZES beautified the creative expression with modern references and accompanied it with a strong creative concept. It’s with this new and impactful manifesto inspired by feminine magazines that the group reaffirmed its brand promise to make all women feel beautiful.

This is a real step forward for the brand. This expression brought to life every day in stores as well as digitally with a stunning brandmovie and activations that engage the audience across key timepoints.




Brand expression and omnichannel activations

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