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Honda Moto

Supporting the leading brand in the Swiss motorbike market and enlivening communities

« Without you it's just a road »

Honda Moto Switzerland, the brand renowned for its products, wants to conquer the country to develop its connection with its local audience through its digital ecosystem, as well as in real life in its dealerships.

Our mission

The brand entrusted the agency with the keys to its social networks. Firstly on a strategic level, then on a day-to-day basis, with editorial planning, multilingual design and writing, content creation and community management.

To complete the picture, we created content for paid campaigns and point-of-sale campaigns.


The results

The challenge was to keep the local community active throughout the year, while remaining true to the brand's DNA.

The brand therefore plunged into the world of motorcycling, a strategy which emerged from a study of the state of the art of motorcycling in Switzerland, based in particular on benchmarking and social listening.
Honda Moto is fortunate to have a community of enthusiasts who enjoy interaction.
However, the Swiss market faces a number of specific challenges linked to the country's linguistic and cultural diversity, such as publications in several languages, targeting by region depending on topics, and the seasonal nature of motorcycling.

A commercial high point accelerated by the creation of content for paid campaigns and point-of-sale promotion.

A complete and coherent customer journey between digital and points of sale.

Nurturing the brand's image, which aspires to be close to its fans, combining the technical and racing aspects with conviviality and escapism. But it also reaches out to a wider audience who might be tempted to join this community.

Daily interaction with bikers loyal to the brand and the recruitment of younger people and women.

Key figures:
+ 20% more followers on Instagram by 2022
+ 9 million impressions on social networks in 2022
or +95.4% compared with 2021