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Influencer campaign among young people in Switzerland

MDW23 award-winning campaign

The Muzes was tasked by Honda Moto Switzerland with producing their first influencer campaign aimed at Gen Z, focusing on 125cc motorbikes available with an A1 driving licence.

Our mission

In 2021, Swiss law reduced the minimum age for obtaining an A1 driving licence from 18 to 16 years old.

This campaign had 2 main objectives:
- To highlight the ease and straightforward nature of obtaining an A1 licence to ride 125cc motorbikes.
- To rejuvenate the brand's image and give it a more feminine feel

To achieve this, the agency carried out research to identify a Swiss lifestyle macro-influencer with a strong presence on TikTok as well as on Instagram. This influencer obviously had to boast a significant Swiss audience among her followers.


Honda campagne influence

The results

The choice fell on Teodora, @teodoranct, a 21-year-old from Geneva with 137,000 followers on Instagram and 1,800,000 followers on TikTok, who didn't have a motorbike licence.

The team followed her, from choosing her bike, her first lesson, to her first trip from Geneva to Lausanne!

Overall, more than twenty content items were produced and posted on the Honda Moto CH Instagram account and Teodora's Instagram and TikTok accounts.

And to activate its community, the creative team organised a big competition for one of Teodora's followers to win a 125cc driving licence test.

Campaign results :

- Engagement rate: 14.2% (Teodora's Instagram) and 16.7% ( Teodora's TikTok)
- +15.7% followers (Honda Instagram)
- +2% sales of 125cc bikes (VS market at -14.25%)

In short, a collaboration over several months with results both from a brand image perspective and from a business point of view, with sales well above the market average.

And a reward with the Cube du Meilleur du Web 2023, awarded by Wiam Firouzabadi, founder and CEO of Vojood.

"We chose this project because it met all the criteria for a successful influencer campaign. Choosing influencer Teodora for a long-term collaboration with over 20 content creations truly matched the target audience and the expectations that the client might have for such a campaign.

The authentic content and the results achieved made this a winning project in the influence campaign category."