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Hello Direct-to-Consumer.

The strength of an industrial leader like Rowenta has always been its traditional sales model based on retail, but this sales model has been shaken up by Digitally Native Vertical Brands (DNVBs). The consumers’ craze for the latter has proven to be a real subversion of consumer habits and their expectations towards brands. A brand promise must translate through its product offer and also its distribution and after-sales service. Adding a Direct-to-Consumer part after years of working and developing a traditional sales model relying on historical retailers and web-retailers was quite a challenge!

Following a great deal of work on the entire value chain (logistics, product offer, after-sales service etc.) led by the internal teams, we were pleased to support the brand during a workshop on its value promise and the development of its website towards this new model. Going from a brand website to a merchant website and finding the right balance between the two is, currently, the brand’s biggest challenge. For this, the support comes in two stages: preparing the website for the launch and then daily intervention on e-merchandising to engage with the website once it is online.

Keeping up with an e-commerce website and retaining the attractiveness and richness of a brand website requires a range of complementary actions: management of product catalogues, the creation of landing pages, webmastering, the monitoring of commercially busy times allied with editorial content promoting the brand. A great deal of work which has to be laid out on a national and European scale for greater synergy and with one single objective: seeing the online sales share progress through its own channel.




Direct to Consumer
EMEA Direct to Consumer Manager | GROUPE SEB

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