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CHRISTMAS AND THE SOCIAL NETWORKS – We wish you a Merry Christmas and beautiful KPIs

350 million: that’s the number of photos posted every day, just on Facebook. Standing out from this more than red ocean on a daily basis is not an easy thing. It’s one of the great challenges in which MUZ has been supporting the SEB Group for several years and if it’s of prime importance to carry out this differentiation work every day, it’s during the busy moments that this activity particularly increases. Christmas and other holiday periods are undeniably THE key moments for many brands like Tefal, which has brought all its range into the spotlight this year.

Christmas has its codes, for sure, but the brand’s DNA shouldn’t be concealed behind the pretty decorations. To do this, the brand content teams chose a correct balance between the festive and reality, putting the real Tefal products directly into the hands of Father Christmas’ elves. The lovely story was split up over several posts lasting several days on the networks, inviting web users to come back and find out the next instalment.

With this campaign, the elves and Father Christmas helped Tefal reach 10 million people altogether and 50,000 engagements in total, with a little more than the 30,000 subscribers bar reached on Instagram. The brand spoilt its community, but also had a very pleasant Christmas!




Social media content creation
Community & Influence Manager | GROUPE SEB France

What were the challenges of this social media activation?

Proposing an activation for Christmas that would make us stand out. We didn’t want to fall into the trap of the Advent Calendar. The storytelling was of prime importance for us, while highlighting our brand products.

How did MUZ support you in this project?

MuZ supported us throughout the project from beginning to end, adapting the brief to our demands and succeeding in finding the right solution for a timely activation. On our side, the results have been both excellent on the social networks with some strong commitment and also internally where the idea of standing out has been strongly appreciated.