Les Portes de Taverny

A new visual identity to help commercially busy times

Standing out from the competition, being recognisable and establishing a new identity without totally cutting off the past, such is the challenge for many brands. The agency accompanied Les Portes de Taverny in this design update, its new visual expression having the final objective of attracting a new clientele.

The need for this commercial centre located close to Paris was to modernise its image, being up-to-date with trends in the sector and putting itself on a competitive level which is continually increasing. The global design was based around taking a shopping break for a young, urban target with a visual translation corresponding to the location’s DNA. Graphically, the elements reprise the strongest emblem of a brand – its logo – and are easily adjusted for all media and all formats. This storytelling was brought to life thanks to a photo shoot and the creation of visuals for off- and online media according to the media campaigns which have taken place throughout the year, according to the busiest times commercially.

les portes de taverny

Visual identity creation and deployment

Alexandra MERLIN
Chargée de marketing et communication | Eurocommercial

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L’Oréal MyPerfectSkin

Innovation and digital user-centrism

Do you remember the #MyPerfectSkin project? MuZZle had challenged the initial brief by the Garnier brand to adhere to users’ tendencies, while complying with the L’Oréal Group’s digital strategy and proposed a digital content platform (responsive, of course) – MyPerfectSkin.

One year after going online, MyPerfectSkin became a real online consumer partner where the brand moved aside in order to respond to its consumers’ needs. A busy site was maintained throughout the year with adapted contents. Following this success, the project evolved in a great way, particularly with a new look, diagnostics and the integration of the products and routines of a second brand within the Group: L’Oréal Paris!

Nicolas Basquin, Senior Product Manager, tells us about the past, present and future highlights of #MyPerfectSkin!

Go To Market digitalization
Senior Product Manager | Skincare, Suncare, Bodycare and Men Expert L'Oréal Suisse

Can you explain the origins of MyPerfectSkin?

The original goal was to create a consumer-centric platform for Garnier. The idea was to go way beyond the brand’s website and to create a space centred on consumers’ needs and expectations rather than on the products.

It’s a platform promoting the consumer in an innovative way by placing him at the centre of our campaigns via a social wall, product testing and competitions. Contrary to a classical brand website, this website has a “Pull” strategy.

Why and how has the MyPerfectSkin platform recently evolved?

MyPerfectSkin was a great success generating as much traffic as our brand websites and having a returning visitor close to 20%, which shows the interest paid to the content and campaigns. The goal in 2016 was to go even further in consumer centricity by having a more neutral, less brand-centred, look and feel and by also integrating L’Oréal Paris into routines and advice. We wished to place the consumer at the centre by adding a skin diagnosis process in order to offer personalised advice. A feedback system was added so that our consumers could share their views on our new products and feel like members of a community.

What are the next steps for MyPerfectSkin?

The next stage will be to add even more pertinent content for consumers via the MySkinMag, which will offer editorial and lifestyle content in order to make consumers want to come back to the platform, with more generic content centred only slightly on the product. The goal is also to get to know our consumers better through diagnostics and to implement a CRM programme with personalised newsletters and couponing. Finally, we wish to increase knowledge of the website thanks to a low-branded campaign directed 100% towards Swiss consumers.


International launch: from the creation of a product to its market entry

The SEB Group turned to MUZ for the launch of its innovation on to the fabric care market.
This sizeable challenge naturally required sizeable advice! This related to: product branding, a strong concept and all the content required to respond to a large, 360° communication strategy.

The idea of creating a solution for a new approach to ironing and smoothing fabrics came to the SEB Group during its exploration of new ways to iron. This new product is called IXEO.
A great project supported by MUZ from A to Z, from its strategy to the creation of content for its activation online and in stores in France and Europe.

This innovation has just created a new gesture, a new way of thinking day by day. The entire challenge was caught up in the same expression: what world and which messages should be created around the product, to make it understandable and unmissable?

To respond to this question, the agency worked from the starting point: the product. The results were the naming of the product, its visual world, the creative concept, its storytelling and rollout over all touchpoints off- and online. From the inside of the packaging to make unboxing more exciting to shop points of sale, via the selling story directed at BtoB clients and to the creation of content for social networks, content development has enriched the entirety of the creation of tools for BtoC consumers and BtoC clients.

And who could be better placed than Audrey Garnier, Content Manager within the SEB Group, who led this ambitious project, to tell us about IXEO in 3 points?

Product launch
Content Manager | GROUPE SEB

What were the starting point and challenges in launching IXEO?

IXEO is a totally innovative concept in the field of clothes care directed at a high-tech target interested in design. We invented this all-in-one product for them, with its integrated board offering a new approach to ironing and refreshing your clothes.

We looked for a new approach and also one which was very specific in its codes and messages to accompany the launch of such an innovation, able to carry this new use to its target audience in an area not spontaneously among its preferred centres of interest, it has to be admitted! In France, we have an extraordinary brand capital with CALOR, which has developed unique know-how in fabric care since 1917. This launch is a real fountain of youth!

How did MUZ support you in this project?

MUZ came on board a long way upstream to finalise the product proposal in such a way as each launch package component could be coherent and engaging. The team at MUZ proposed older profiles with a real integrated vision which centred on exchange and the strength of their creative proposal.

We then imagined and developed media support to accompany the launch on the various points of contact with our consumers, online and offline. They are all high-quality both visually and editorially, which is what we and our public expect!

What are the next steps for IXEO?

IXEO was launched in September in a certain number of European markets, firstly for a community of early adopters who were able to test the product very early on and share their views on social networks, then key thread support and targeted action.

And communication will be developed throughout 2019. It’s only the beginning of the success story for IXEO!

Fondation Relais Vert

A visual identity for a new foundation

Relais Vert, an organic food wholesaler in the south of France, came to the agency with a long-term, sporty project on a human scale. Its ambition? To create a company foundation to promote environmentally-responsible gestures within sports events. This goes hand in hand with AIR Coop, an agency specialising in responsible innovation, alongside whom we are happy to support Relais Vert in this great adventure.

How could we bring this wonderful desire to life, however? Well, quite simply, by combining strategic thinking with the active implementation of on- and offline communication tools.

  • Workshops on positioning the brand and its platform,
  • The creation of a visual identity,
  • Website design and development,
  • The creation of hard-copy media

Such were the various stages in the race run over the last few months by MUZ, AIR Coop and the Foundation’s shock team for a successful launch last October.

Victor Nicolet, the Foundation’s Director, tells us a little more about the creation and future of this eco-project.

fondation relais vert
Brand creation

What was the starting-point and the challenges of your "Foundation" project?

The initial idea was to continue the more than 30-year commitment by Relais Vert in the production, promotion and development of a quality supply of Earth-friendly and environmentally-friendly foodstuffs.

The challenges were therefore to invest in another social initiative, in line with the personality of the directors, in order to continue to promote the simple values which have made the company so successful.

The Company Foundation project rests on two main vectors:

1/ The Relais Vert company directors’ desire to bring eco-responsibility into a context beyond the company’s prime sphere of activity.

2/ To develop this project within the sports domain, a universal activity shared by many people at Relais Vert, starting with its leaders.

How has MUZ supported you in implementing this project?

MUZ has provided advice in many forms:

A proactive listening phase focussing around our needs, while bringing in external skills to both our structures has allowed our project to be filled out qualitatively. This was an essential phase.

The scope of intervention has therefore quite naturally been oriented towards advice at each development stage (raison d’être, values, proposals, inclusions, exclusions etc.). MUZ’s experience has been precious, particularly owing to its objectivity and the putting into perspective of observations made during Phase 1 of defining the project.

The visual identity, as well as the website, has been a natural development of the work carried out upstream. The agency teams’ reactivity has also allowed us total mobilisation within the company, allowing quick execution.

What are the next stages in the life of the Foundation?

The Foundation is working for the promotion of eco-responsible gestures within sports events. With this in view, we work with sports events organisers, offering them concrete solutions to different problems: the sorting of waste, water management, energy management, eco-responsible clothing and trophies etc.

We select these solutions (from French companies) and present them then to event organisers. Our catalogue is being put together, particularly through a Call for Projects available on the Foundation’s website.

Moreover, we covered three sports events (tennis, pump track and golf) in the year 2018 and, for 2019, are planning to organise our own event. Watch this space…


Liberty and creativity for the WireFree range

For Somfy, the world leader in the automation of housing doors and windows, the WireFree range for the motorisation of interior curtains needed a little boost. This is a very weak market in France (where exterior shutters are more likely to be motorised), but has enormous potential in Northern Europe, America and Asia. The challenge was even stronger for the latter two markets as the brand is not so well known in Europe. There was therefore a need to find a creative concept apt to comply with the codes of the interior decorating world, while retaining SOMFY’s DNA and speak to both the American and Asian markets, which are very different regarding interior decoration.

After an exploratory phase, some strategic planning to grasp the context, the creative concept was anchored in communication of the range which had been in existence for several years. The intention was not to revolutionise, but rather to evolve the range’s look in order to ally it to the modern codes, which inspire BtoB clients as much as the final consumers.

Finally, the creative concept was promoted through the communication kit for subsidiaries: a visual key, a press release in English, long and short videos, photos and BtoB and BtoC brochures.

Range communication creation

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Product innovation and key digital point of contact

Always looking for ways to fulfil our needs in terms of electrical goods, the SEB Group is constantly innovating. Quality, resourcefulness and ease of use are terms which could be used to describe their new creation, but what is it? A new steam cooker which is revolutionising the cooking world. Discover Steam-up.

The innovation won the “Jury’s favourite” prize during the 2019 edition of the Grand Prix de l’Innovation at the Foire de Paris, because yes, with Steam’up, the SEB Group is revolutionising the traditional steam cooking process by turning it on its head. The steam no longer rises up, but goes down onto the ingredients placed just below it in the container. It’s so easy: you can make hundreds of recipes (savoury, sweet, complete meals etc.) and take advantage of the benefits of steam cooking. Steam cooking finally tastes good!

Being food addicts, the MUZ Agency team accompanied the multi-brand group in launching this new product. The agency was responsible for the design, development, integration and implementation of the landing page on the brand’s websites. This landing page, at the centre of a global communication plan, is the consumer’s quasi-unmissable point of contact in his or her buying process. And its objective? To inspire with gourmet recipes, educate the consumer regarding its features and demonstrate the benefits of this new product to its future consumers!


Landing page development

Thibaut LEDUC
Content Manager | Groupe SEB

What were the starting-point and the challenges for the 2019 launch of your new product?

In this only slightly dynamic market, it was necessary to re-boost steam cooking with a product totally breaking away from the norm. We wanted to overturn the consumers’ perception of cooking with steam. It is for this reason that we designed a steam product which marries the flavour of ingredients among themselves in order to create gourmet meals. Moreover, it’s an easy-to-use and practical piece of equipment.

How did MUZ accompany you in order to respond to these challenges?

MUZ accompanied us particularly in the design and creation of the landing page. Being totally focussed on the product, it allows us to highlight its characteristics and benefits. This is a major asset for the SEB Group: the consumer can get a good understanding of the product and find all its technical details, understand its features etc.

Have you already seen results?

We haven’t put any analysis in place yet as the innovation has just been released. Nevertheless, we have collected some first, very positive customer reviews. We are also thinking about enlarging the distribution network for Steam’up to other countries.

Social Sprint

MUZ SOCIAL SPRINT – Don’t ignore the social side!

Everyone knows it, but a reminder is never a bad thing: social networks are no longer a bonus – they’re a real must-have. On average, users open the Instagram app 10 times a day and the first reflex for 83% of them is to check out the account of a brand on this platform before even going to look for it on Google. Tackling the social side has to be done using a strong, differentiating strategy and all the entities concerned by the subject must be included. This was the starting point for the MUZ SOCIAL SPRINT.

In short, it is the joint reflection by experts concerned by the launch of a brand or the implementation of a specific campaign who, together, are going to bring it to life on the social networks. The objective is to use each of the brains present to find the info, arguments and product/brand specificities in order to be able to come out of the meeting saying “We just have to ..!” The operational teams will therefore have all the keys in hand to put this reflection into practice.

What happens during a social sprint?
As each case is unique, the workshop programme is never the same from one social print to another, but overall, you’ll see monitoring, discussions, brainstorming, storytelling, individual or collective reflection – in short, lots of things!
And, most of all, what are the results?
At the end, the operational master team goes off with all the keys in hand for the successful application of the reflection brilliantly thought through by all the brains gathered together. Then they just have to…

Workshop leading
Alison PETIT
Community & Influence Manager | GROUPE SEB

Quels étaient les enjeux de l'organisation de ce workshop ?


Comment s'est passé le workshop ?


Et maintenant, quels sont les next steps?


Ulysse Nardin

Xplore the digital

How do you keep a brand platform alive on the social networks?

The Swiss watch brand (from the Kering Group) consulted the agency within the context of the organisation of a collaborative workshop on the subject of digitalising its new brand platform. It was a chance to propose a social network strategy for the brand and then to take several videos and photos as content for the Instagram account for the launch of a new item (the Skeleton X) and for seasonal features.

On average, the results on the content produced has shown 8,300 views for the videos and 3,200 likes for the photos.

ulysse nardin
Social media strategy and content creation
Prénom NOM
Xxx | Xxx

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Supporting passionate bikers day-by-day

Honda Moto CH consulted MUZ for daily work: community management. Between editorial planning, the conceptualisation and production of content and translation into 3 languages, the creation of content and community management, the brand handed over the keys to its social networks to the agency’s CM teams.

Step 1: knowledge of the world
Social media needs to be particularly reactive: in order to respond to community questions, you firstly need thorough knowledge of the brand and its world. Who is Honda Moto in Switzerland? How does it express itself? And if motorbikes are part of the DNA of some MUZ team members, this was not (yet) the case for our CM teams. These therefore immersed themselves in the world of bikes via Google and by visiting events in order to find out everything they could about the references and in order to be correct in their communication with those passionate about biking.

Step 2: being operationally hands-on
Then came the heart of the project: the implementation of the editorial schedule in 3 languages between the high and low seasons, the launch and special operations, events etc., as well as the community management, responding to subscribers and also offering them differentiating content such as a Spotify playlist according to their taste, colouring for children and quizzes about bikes for the older ones.

Step 3: test and learn
Last but not least, in parallel with this daily work, come the analytical building blocks. MUZ unravels each metric and scrutinises posts which have obtained the lowest performances in order to reorient strategy and optimise effort.

honda motos
Content creation and community management
Marketing Manager | HONDA MOTO SUISSE

What are the challenges and specificities of community management for Honda Moto Suisse?

We are lucky in having a community of passionate people at Honda Moto, so it is rather easy to make them react. However, we have to face several special characteristics linked to the linguistic and cultural diversity of our country, such as publications in several languages, regional targeting according to subjects and, even more, the seasonal aspect of motorbiking. The challenge is to keep the community active the whole year.

How is MUZ supporting you in responding to these objectives?

Following a short acclimatisation period in order to learn “biker-speak”, MUZ has shown a great deal of inspiration to be able to reach, amuse and make our community interact, using a range of technical possibilities which the various platforms offer. Using a thoughtful monthly strategy and publication schedule, the diversity of the posts has contributed to increasing our commitment rate.

What are the results for the brand?

MUZ is a real retention tool and contributes to our brand image, which wants to be close to its fans, mixing the technical side and racing with conviviality and getting-away-from-it-all. It also allows us to reach a wider public, who could be tempted to join this community by purchasing a Honda rather than a model by another brand.


CHRISTMAS AND THE SOCIAL NETWORKS – We wish you a Merry Christmas and beautiful KPIs

350 million: that’s the number of photos posted every day, just on Facebook. Standing out from this more than red ocean on a daily basis is not an easy thing. It’s one of the great challenges in which MUZ has been supporting the SEB Group for several years and if it’s of prime importance to carry out this differentiation work every day, it’s during the busy moments that this activity particularly increases. Christmas and other holiday periods are undeniably THE key moments for many brands like Tefal, which has brought all its range into the spotlight this year.

Christmas has its codes, for sure, but the brand’s DNA shouldn’t be concealed behind the pretty decorations. To do this, the brand content teams chose a correct balance between the festive and reality, putting the real Tefal products directly into the hands of Father Christmas’ elves. The lovely story was split up over several posts lasting several days on the networks, inviting web users to come back and find out the next instalment.

With this campaign, the elves and Father Christmas helped Tefal reach 10 million people altogether and 50,000 engagements in total, with a little more than the 30,000 subscribers bar reached on Instagram. The brand spoilt its community, but also had a very pleasant Christmas!

Social media content creation
Community & Influence Manager | GROUPE SEB France

What were the challenges of this social media activation?

Proposing an activation for Christmas that would make us stand out. We didn’t want to fall into the trap of the Advent Calendar. The storytelling was of prime importance for us, while highlighting our brand products.

How did MUZ support you in this project?

MuZ supported us throughout the project from beginning to end, adapting the brief to our demands and succeeding in finding the right solution for a timely activation. On our side, the results have been both excellent on the social networks with some strong commitment and also internally where the idea of standing out has been strongly appreciated.