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International launch: from the creation of a product to its market entry

The SEB Group turned to MUZ for the launch of its innovation on to the fabric care market.
This sizeable challenge naturally required sizeable advice! This related to: product branding, a strong concept and all the content required to respond to a large, 360° communication strategy.

The idea of creating a solution for a new approach to ironing and smoothing fabrics came to the SEB Group during its exploration of new ways to iron. This new product is called IXEO.
A great project supported by MUZ from A to Z, from its strategy to the creation of content for its activation online and in stores in France and Europe.

This innovation has just created a new gesture, a new way of thinking day by day. The entire challenge was caught up in the same expression: what world and which messages should be created around the product, to make it understandable and unmissable?

To respond to this question, the agency worked from the starting point: the product. The results were the naming of the product, its visual world, the creative concept, its storytelling and rollout over all touchpoints off- and online. From the inside of the packaging to make unboxing more exciting to shop points of sale, via the selling story directed at BtoB clients and to the creation of content for social networks, content development has enriched the entirety of the creation of tools for BtoC consumers and BtoC clients.

And who could be better placed than Audrey Garnier, Content Manager within the SEB Group, who led this ambitious project, to tell us about IXEO in 3 points?




Product launch
Content Manager | GROUPE SEB

What were the starting point and challenges in launching IXEO?

IXEO is a totally innovative concept in the field of clothes care directed at a high-tech target interested in design. We invented this all-in-one product for them, with its integrated board offering a new approach to ironing and refreshing your clothes.

We looked for a new approach and also one which was very specific in its codes and messages to accompany the launch of such an innovation, able to carry this new use to its target audience in an area not spontaneously among its preferred centres of interest, it has to be admitted! In France, we have an extraordinary brand capital with CALOR, which has developed unique know-how in fabric care since 1917. This launch is a real fountain of youth!

How did MUZ support you in this project?

MUZ came on board a long way upstream to finalise the product proposal in such a way as each launch package component could be coherent and engaging. The team at MUZ proposed older profiles with a real integrated vision which centred on exchange and the strength of their creative proposal.

We then imagined and developed media support to accompany the launch on the various points of contact with our consumers, online and offline. They are all high-quality both visually and editorially, which is what we and our public expect!

What are the next steps for IXEO?

IXEO was launched in September in a certain number of European markets, firstly for a community of early adopters who were able to test the product very early on and share their views on social networks, then key thread support and targeted action.

And communication will be developed throughout 2019. It’s only the beginning of the success story for IXEO!