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Daily webmastering and e-merchandising of 24 DTC brandstores for 6 brands

"Hello Direct-To-Consumer!"

For over 10 years, we have been supporting Groupe SEB in its digital transformation. Privileged partners in the evolution and day-to-day management of their e-commerce sites in Europe.

Our mission

We provide a full range of digital support (both advisory and and operational) to:
  • showcase brand universes
  • ensure a consistent look & feel
  • activate relevant content strategies
  • optimise product launches
  • improve the online shopping experience
We offer our expertise during enhancement, roll-out and post Go-Live: User Acceptance Tests, Rollouts, Releases, Catalogue management, Discovery pages, Media Campaigns, Commercial operations and Promotion Engine.


The results

The agency works on a daily basis with marketing and communication teams, both centrally and locally, to manage and update all European DTC eStores:
  • For 6 brands:  Tefal, Rowenta, Moulinex, Krups, Calor, Seb
  • Across 24 separate brand sites
  • In 11 local European markets

We also support international teams and business units in developing cross-functional promotional activities and discovery pages to accompany launches.

Multiple levels of support:


We prepare assets and data sets needed to run tests before upgrades (features, components or design system)

Roll-outs & Releases

We integrate assets into all pages templates: home, navigation, categories, subcategories, product sheets, content pages

Post Go-Live

We update product catalogues, enrich product sheets, create discovery pages, promote media campaigns and configure sales operations

Search & SEO

We optimise all entry points, taking into account trends and keywords generated by user queries on search engines as well as within the brand sites themselves

Key figures

– 6 unique brands
– 24 separate DTC brand sites
– 11 local markets
– More than 800 days of support per year
– Over 6,500 requests processed

/What they think

International Content Manager
Groupe SEB - Rowenta
International Content Manager
Groupe SEB - Rowenta
How was the SEO project initiated?

"Air quality is a real public health issue today: global warming, the rise of telecommuting and increasing urbanization mean that more and more people are staying at home.
So it's vital to have clean air in the home.

The air purifier category, while highly relevant to today's issues, is still largely unknown: only a minority of French people know what an air purifier is.

Air purifiers therefore have significant growth potential, with education becoming a top priority for Rowenta."

How did the project address the issues raised?

"We really appreciated working with Muzes, and especially Malaurie & Marc for their expert eye, both on their relevance in writing the articles, and their recommendations on the more technical aspects of integrating the articles into our brand site.

These SEO subjects are quite far from our core business, and we were able to trust them completely.

With Muzes, we were able to build a solid foundation for improving our SEO on air purifiers, and educate our consumers about the importance of clean air at home."

What are your next goals?

"The next step will be to drive traffic back to these pages in order to improve their SEO.
We aim to implement 2 main actions:

    • A CRM campaign to promote the product category to our Rowenta customers.
    • Implement a social media campaign targeted according to seasonality and location.

Finally, this pilot project was carried out for the French market only, but we'd like to extend it to other markets where Groupe SEB is present, in order to grow the air purifier category worldwide."