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Innovation and digital user-centrism

Do you remember the #MyPerfectSkin project? MuZZle had challenged the initial brief by the Garnier brand to adhere to users’ tendencies, while complying with the L’Oréal Group’s digital strategy and proposed a digital content platform (responsive, of course) – MyPerfectSkin.

One year after going online, MyPerfectSkin became a real online consumer partner where the brand moved aside in order to respond to its consumers’ needs. A busy site was maintained throughout the year with adapted contents. Following this success, the project evolved in a great way, particularly with a new look, diagnostics and the integration of the products and routines of a second brand within the Group: L’Oréal Paris!

Nicolas Basquin, Senior Product Manager, tells us about the past, present and future highlights of #MyPerfectSkin!




Go To Market digitalization
Senior Product Manager | Skincare, Suncare, Bodycare and Men Expert L'Oréal Suisse

Can you explain the origins of MyPerfectSkin?

The original goal was to create a consumer-centric platform for Garnier. The idea was to go way beyond the brand’s website and to create a space centred on consumers’ needs and expectations rather than on the products.

It’s a platform promoting the consumer in an innovative way by placing him at the centre of our campaigns via a social wall, product testing and competitions. Contrary to a classical brand website, this website has a “Pull” strategy.

Why and how has the MyPerfectSkin platform recently evolved?

MyPerfectSkin was a great success generating as much traffic as our brand websites and having a returning visitor close to 20%, which shows the interest paid to the content and campaigns. The goal in 2016 was to go even further in consumer centricity by having a more neutral, less brand-centred, look and feel and by also integrating L’Oréal Paris into routines and advice. We wished to place the consumer at the centre by adding a skin diagnosis process in order to offer personalised advice. A feedback system was added so that our consumers could share their views on our new products and feel like members of a community.

What are the next steps for MyPerfectSkin?

The next stage will be to add even more pertinent content for consumers via the MySkinMag, which will offer editorial and lifestyle content in order to make consumers want to come back to the platform, with more generic content centred only slightly on the product. The goal is also to get to know our consumers better through diagnostics and to implement a CRM programme with personalised newsletters and couponing. Finally, we wish to increase knowledge of the website thanks to a low-branded campaign directed 100% towards Swiss consumers.